Weekend Inspiration: Spa Sereen, Maarsseveen

SpaSereen Tienhoven (Maarssen)

The post Weekend Inspiration is about all the things you can do in our country. And there are plenty.

Last week I had a lazy Sunday in Spa Sereen in Maarsseveen. And wow, what is this a wonderful sauna complex. The atmosphere is relaxed and serene as the name says. Continue reading


Colorful tulip fields, The Netherlands


Are you in April or early May in the Netherlands, then a visit to the tulip fields is a must. Whole fields of tulips in all kinds of colors. Of course you can also go to the Keukenhof, but I personally think it’s more fun to get in the car and look for the fields yourself. When you will go for the last option, you will find the fields around Lisse. But what many people do not know is that you’ll find many more tulip fields in the Noordoostpolder. Here you will find the longest and most colorful tuliproute from the Netherlands.

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