The unknown Greece: Zagoria

Vikos gorge

Everyone knows Greece from the sea, the beach and the small cozy villages. But have you ever even been in the midland of Greece? Here you find Zagoria, a beautiful mountainous region in the province of Epirus. In this area there are 46 small villages with a very authentic character through the houses, built with local slate.

This part of Greece is still little visited by tourists, so you’ll find a lot of authentic Greece where time sometimes really seems to stand still. Continue reading


Dream away: Santorini, Greece

Blue Domes of Oia, Santorini

If there is one place where I really would like to go once, it will be Santorini. It seems that Santorini is one of the most beautiful islands in the world. The Travel & Leisure magazine has even found it the most beautiful island. Santorini is located in Greece and is part of the Cyclades island group.

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Holiday feeling Greece #1


Last year I visited Greece for the first time in my life. This country really stole my heart for these reasons;  Summer temperatures, mojitos, beautiful beaches, clear water where you can see all kinds of fish swimming, great food, super friendly people, beautiful hotels and stunning nature. Continue reading