#Travalo Excel Pink Version - Refillable Travel #Perfume Atomiser -For more info go to

Beauty travel gadgets. I am always interested. Especially when it is handy for a trip and fashionable. This is a Travalo, a perfume atomizer that you can take on board in a plane. And that’s always nice. Your own fragrance, just in your hand luggage. And the other good thing is, you can spray it about 50 times. That means, you can leave your big perfume bottle at home.

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Dream away: the Veluwe, the Netherlands

Heather in bloom at Postbank, Veluwe, The Netherlands

When I look at these pictures, I can only think we need to go out more in our beautiful country. We travel so often to other countries to see all the beautiful things they have to offer that we easily forget the beautiful places the Netherlands itself has to offer. The next free weekend is the Veluwe on the agenda, so that I can see this beautiful environment with my own eyes.

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The magic blue of Perito Moreno, Argentina

Perito Moreno

During our trip in Argentina we visited the Parque Nacional Los Glaciares. I can tell you it is breath taking. The magic of the blue colour, from deep to light blue. The stillness of the place. The imposing glaciers. We also have taken the boot to come closer to the glaciers. And the closer by we came, the smaller we felt.

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