Do more with Instagram photos



One of my most amazing app’s. I like to share my own pictures, but just as fun to see the photos of others. And actually taking a look in someone’s world. Sometimes I get moved, then inspired or I get a smile on my face. And the great thing is that you can do with much more with your Instagram photos. Continue reading


Pimp your suitcase


A suitcase. We know them well. Those standard black suitcases with wheels. When you get to the baggage claim waiting for your suitcase, you standard take the black suitcase from someone else. Or your suitcase has to come over the bagage band for more than three times, but you surely knew this was not yours. Continue reading


#Travalo Excel Pink Version - Refillable Travel #Perfume Atomiser -For more info go to

Beauty travel gadgets. I am always interested. Especially when it is handy for a trip and fashionable. This is a Travalo, a perfume atomizer that you can take on board in a plane. And that’s always nice. Your own fragrance, just in your hand luggage. And the other good thing is, you can spray it about 50 times. That means, you can leave your big perfume bottle at home.

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